Frequently Asked Questions

When Realtors schedule a showing, they schedule it through Showing Time, a nationwide real estate showing company. They can do this via phone, email or phone app.

Showing Time will then notify me, and I will contact you to see if the appointment that was requested works for you. As you are currently living in the property that you intend to sell, I make every attempt to have 24-hour notice on all showing requests.

With the Sellers’ permission, an electronic lock box is placed on the handle of the storage locker in the garage. (You will still be able to access your storage locker). The agent uses a key to open the lockbox. Within the lockbox will be a key for the door and a key fob for them to access the elevator.

Yes, it is preferred that the current owner is not home for showings. Most showings only last 30-45 minutes, so if it is possible to take a walk or run errands during showings that is best.

The showing Realtor will fill out an electronic feedback form that is automatically generated once they are finished with all showings they have scheduled for that timeframe. The feedback form comes to my email, I then forward it to you with my comments or I phone you (whichever you prefer).

Once you have a contract, the Buyer will schedule a home inspection. Inspections are scheduled the same way that a showing is scheduled. For a condo, they are typically scheduled for a 2-hour period. Usually inspections are scheduled several days in advance.

Once you have a contract, if the Buyer is obtaining a loan, an appraisal will be ordered by the lender. Appraisals are scheduled the same way that a showing is scheduled. The only difference between an appraisal and all other appointments is that I meet the appraiser at the property. The reason for this is to make sure the appraiser has the correct information about the property so there are no issues with the appraisal. If a buyer is paying cash, there will most likely not be an appraisal. An appraisal appointment is usually about a half hour.

*If your property is vacant, we prefer to set up the listing as a “Go and Show”, which means the showing is automatically approved through the showing service and the agent does not have to wait for approval. Obviously, we do not use this method for occupied properties.

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